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Lady One-Piece Swimsuit


Men Pants Swimwear

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Lady One-Piece Swimsuit

Item category : Lady One-Piece Swimsuit

Material : Nylon / Spandex / Shiny Fabric

Features : Fabric high qulity and stretch comfort
Smooth Texture
Easy to movement

Care Instruction :
1. Should wear a swimsuit before applying lotion to the skin ann avoid touching to the fabric.
2. When finished using. Should be washed with soap with mild detergent to wash stains chlorine.
3. Do not be washed with detergent.
4. Do not twist the swimsuit. Just squeeze it gently.
5. Should be hang to dry in the shade. Do not roll them in a bathing suit while still wet.
6. Do not use washing/dryer machine.
7. Do not soak the swimsuit.

รหัสสินค้า: 342660 หมวดหมู่: ,


  Size   Chest(Inc.)   Bust(Inc.)   Hip(Inc.)
S 30-33 25-26 31-34
M 33-35 26-29 34-37
L 35-37 29-32   37-40
XL 37-40 32-35 40-44
3L/2XL 40-43 35-38 44-48
4L/3XL 43-46 38-42  48-51



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